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Vegetables & Fruits & Effects

herbs and usage
Name Effect
apples delivering vitamin C (antioxidant) and fructose (source for slow metabolized carbohydrates – energy source)
beetroots delivering folic acid and potassium, both important for nerval functions
blackcurrants delivering vitamin C, supporting immune defence
blackthorn delivering vitamin C (antioxidant) and tanning agents (support for venous health)
carrots delivering vitamin A
celery delivering potassium, vitamin C (antioxidant) and roughage (promoting digestion)
elderberries delivering vitamin C (antioxidant)
wheat germs natural rich source for vitamin B1, indirect support for well-functioning of metabolism and digestion
hawthorn berries contributing to the normal function of the heart
hop contributing to normal functioning of the nervous system
melissa contributing to the normal psychological function
pears delivering potassium, vitamin C, folic acid, fructose (see apples) and roughage (promoting digestion)
propolis spice
pumpkin delivering vitamin A and E (antioxidants)
red wine grapes delivering potassium and antioxidants (flavonoide)
stinging nettle bodily purification and excretion of waste products; contributing to the normal function of the kidneys and the bladder and to promoting increase in renal water elimination
white turnips metabolism-support; contributing to the maintenance of the normal function of the kidneys